Perfect Wave

Feeling so free
Out in the sea
That's where I'll be…

Join the quest for the perfect wave. Long summer days battling the waves and claiming the ultimate prize.

A pulsing 'techno' style song with a classic surf chorus. A crowd-pleasing piece for a concert performance.

For 2-parts. Ages 8-15 years.
A song about summer and surfing.


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Perfect Wave
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8 to 15
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2-part choir
Musical Range:
Bb3 toD4
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Perfect Wave
Words and music by Glyn Lehmann

Kicking through cappuccino foam
Below an endless blue sky dome
The water’s warm invites me in
This is how the game begins

Verse 1
Deeper I go till I’m up to my knees
I can feel the chill of the ocean freeze
Relentless waves try to block my way
They pound at my chest daring me to stay

Verse 2
I take them on, there’s a job to be done
I won’t give in till the prize is won
I burst right through this waterwall
I leap and I shake, rise above them all

I’m in search of the perfect wave
Spending all my summer days
In search of the perfect wave
Feeling so free
Out in the sea
That’s where I’ll be

Verse 3
It’s a waiting game for the perfect score
A free ride back to the distant shore
Row after row come rolling by
I let them all pass till the time is right


On the horizon a monster is rising
My eye’s on the prize
And I’m ready, I’m waiting
(repeat all x2)

Feel the power as it catches the sun
Now the mighty wave and I are one
It’s like I’m riding on a dragon’s back

Feel the power
Feel the power
Riding the perfect wave


© 2016 Glyn Lehmann. All rights reserved.
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