The Polliwog

There's a strange creature lurking down at the waterhole.
Some say it has no arms or legs, just a long tail and a big head. Others say it has long legs, a stumpy tail and big bulgy eyes. Sounds scary! Are you brave enough to find out for yourself?

A fun song for children between 5 and 9 years. They will learn about the polliwog (here's a clue; it's usually called a tadpole, ssh!). Along the way there's a subtle message about facing fears and finding things out for yourself.

Includes two versions
1. For unison choir or solo voice
2. Easy 2-part choir or duet
I used 'The Polliwog' with my choir, and it was just perfect for the age group 6-9 years.
The Polliwog - song about a tadpole


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The Polliwog
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vocal recording
backing track
2 piano/vocal scores
unison and 2 part
individual what's this?
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piano/vocal scores only (2)
unison and 2 part
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5 to 8 years
Animals (frogs)
Self awareness
2-part choir
Musical Range:
C#4 to Bb5
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vocal recording - preview
The Polliwog
words and music by Glyn Lehmann

Have you ever seen a polliwog
Hiding in the water underneath a log
Lurking in the shadows
Growing every day
I hope I never see a polliwog!
No I never want to see a polliwog!

Verse 1
Someone said they saw a polliwog
Down at the waterhole chasing a dog
It had no arms and it had no legs
A long swishy tail and a great big head


Verse 2
Someone said they saw a polliwog
Down at the waterhole chasing a dog
It had two arms and two short legs
A short stumpy tail and a great big head


Verse 3
Someone said they saw a polliwog
Down at the waterhole chasing a dog
It had a round body and two long legs
And big bulgy eyes on the top of its head

Coda A
I began to wonder about the polliwog
Why was it changing, could it chase a dog?
Although I was frightened
I must be brave
I really want to see a polliwog
Yes I really want to see a polliwog!

Coda B
Down at the waterhole with my dog
I went looking for the polliwog
Waiting by the water sitting on a log
Up jumped a little green frog

(spoken) And it chased my dog! Woof!

© 2013 Glyn Lehmann
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