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Songs for children’s choir, chorus and classroom.


I’ve written many songs and extended works for major children’s music and choir festivals - as well as songs for individual schools. If you like the songs in the SongLibrary, consider commissioning a special song or complete work for your school or organisation.

Glyn Lehmann
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A special song for YOUR school or organisation
  • a school song or anthem
  • celebrate a special event
  • enrich a learning experience
  • create a unique performance

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Thankyou. The song is fantastic and exceeds my expectations.
Music Teacher, Bicton Primary School, Western Australia

How to plan a school song or anthem
Here are some suggestions to help you plan your school song.

Involve students, staff, parents and carers by asking them to consider some of the following:

  • use your school motto or creed as a good starting point
  • examine the ethos or mission statement of your school
  • identify what is unique or distinctive about your school
  • consider the school environment and the surrounding landscape e.g. suburban, rural, semi-industrial, seaside, hills, city etc. and what impact this has on the school
  • think about any unusual, humorous or dramatic events that have occurred
  • reflect on the changes that have taken place since the school began
  • take note of any historical events that shaped the school or local area
  • identify students (past and present) who have achieved recognition in the community for their talents or good works
  • consider the various cultural backgrounds of the students
  • articulate your hopes for what your school community may achieve in the future
  • brainstorm to uncover any other ideas.

A school song is most effective when it contains a strong central theme or concept and one or two secondary ideas. Once you have gathered suggestions I will work with you to identify these key aspects.

The process then is as follows:
1. I begin crafting the lyrics
2. I send you a draft of the lyrics for feedback and approval
3. I compose music for those lyrics
4. I deliver the finished song. This includes sheet music, a backing track and a demo recording.
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Rainbows and Canyons
(The Water Song)

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