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Australian schools can place an order totalling $30 or more using this form.

Please use the information provided on the song/product pages of this website to guide you before placing your order.

GST is not included.

NOTE: Full Voice Workbooks and other Full Voice products are not available by purchase order.

1. Complete the Purchase Order Request form below

Attach your school's
purchase order form - this should include:
  • school logo/letterhead
  • your Purchase Order Number
  • contact details, including address
  • the specific items you wish to purchase, their prices and the total (including postage if applicable - see below)
Write the names of items you would like to order in the
other details or comments section.

3. Use the blue button to submit your order
For items requiring postage* please add this cost to your order using the following information.
Standard mail
1 item - $10
2 items - $12
3 or more items $14
Express Post
1 item - $15
2 items - $20
3 or more items $24
* postage only applies to the following products
  • Arlie Abbstock musical - POSTAGE PACK
  • One Drop Of Rain musical - POSTAGE PACK
  • I Am The Earth - songbook and CD
  • The Green Hills of Albany DVD
I will contact you to confirm your order. Upon confirmation you will receive instructions on how to download your items and an invoice, payable within 30 days.

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A complete song pack.

Rainbows and Canyons
(The Water Song)

Purchase Order Form for Australian schools