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Creatures of the Night

Two fun songs for learning about animals.
Where do they live and sleep…
and what sounds do they make at night!
creatures of the night - song


Creatures of the Night (2 songs)
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nocturnal animals

jazz (Night Song)
reggae (Where Is Home?)

- optional 2nd part on 'Where Is Home'

Musical Range:
C4 to C5
Night Song
  • What do nocturnal creatures get up to at night?
  • Lots of opportunities to make animal sounds!
Nifgt Song - score preview
vocal recording - preview
Where Is Home?
  • Will get children thinking about animals and their habitat.
  • Simple 2-part song (also unison).
Where Is Home - score preview
vocal recording - preview
Night Song
Words and music by Nick Vall

Verse 1
Bats are waking, moon is rising
Owl wakes up from day’s deep sleep
In the shadows cats are creeping
In their warm beds, children sleeping

Creatures of the night (hoo, hoo)
Out in the moonlight (hoo, hoo)
Creatures of the night (hoo, hoo)
Out in the moonlight (hoo, hoo)

Sure gets busy when the sun goes down

There’s a meeting and greeting and coming and going
Howling and growling and toing and froing
Shuffling and snuffling and catching and snatching
Shivering and quivering and fetching and scratching

Sure gets busy when the sun goes down

Ad lib ‘animal noises’

Verse 2
Kangaroo munching, Kakapo* crunching
Beaver busy all night long
Ringtail possum in the gum tree
When it's so dark how can they see?

repeat Chorus

repeat Bridge

repeat Chorus

And coyotes howling at the moon…

* a large, flightless parrot found only in New Zealand

Where Is Home?
Words and music by Nick Vall

Every creature needs a home
Somewhere to hide…and creep
Every creature needs a home
Where babies can safely sleep


Verse 1
Where does a penguin make its nest?
Where do pelicans spend the night?
Where do I watch for wombats?
And where does a frog go to stay out of sight?


Verse 2
Where is home for the honey bee?
Where do platypuses like to play?
Where do the bats fly at sunrise?
And where does the possum go to sleep all day?


Verse 3
Where do the ravens go to roost?
Where do cormorants congregate?
Who sleeps in that hollow log?
Where does flamingo go when it's late?



(big yawn)

Both songs © 1998 Nick Vall. All rights reserved.
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