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I’ve written many songs and extended works for major children’s music and choir festivals - as well as songs for individual schools. If you like the songs in the SongLibrary, consider commissioning a special song or complete work for your school or organisation.

Glyn Lehmann
Thank you so much for writing this amazing song for us. The kids bug me pretty much every music lesson to sing it.
Tina Ameduri - Music Specialist, Mullaloo Heights PS, Australia
A special song for YOUR school or organisation
  • a school song or anthem
  • celebrate a special event
  • enrich a learning experience
  • create a unique performance

Please fill out the form and let's talk.
Thankyou. The song is fantastic and exceeds my expectations.
Music Teacher, Bicton Primary School, Western Australia

How to plan a school song or anthem
Here are some suggestions to help you plan your school song.

Involve students, staff, parents and carers by asking them to consider some of the following:

  • use your school motto or creed as a good starting point
  • examine the ethos or mission statement of your school
  • identify what is unique or distinctive about your school
  • consider the school environment and the surrounding landscape e.g. suburban, rural, semi-industrial, seaside, hills, city etc. and what impact this has on the school
  • think about any unusual, humorous or dramatic events that have occurred
  • reflect on the changes that have taken place since the school began
  • take note of any historical events that shaped the school or local area
  • identify students (past and present) who have achieved recognition in the community for their talents or good works
  • consider the various cultural backgrounds of the students
  • articulate your hopes for what your school community may achieve in the future
  • brainstorm to uncover any other ideas.

A school song is most effective when it contains a strong central theme or concept and one or two secondary ideas. Once you have gathered suggestions I will work with you to identify these key aspects.

The process then is as follows:
1. I begin crafting the lyrics
2. I send you a draft of the lyrics for feedback and approval
3. I compose music for those lyrics
4. I deliver the finished song. This includes sheet music, a backing track and a demo recording.
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