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The River

Inspired by, and written for the Children of the Ganges School, India.

Sung from the child’s perspective, this song highlights every child’s right to an education and the benefits it brings. No matter what their circumstances, children need the chance to learn, to be inspired, and to strive for their goals.

For 2-parts or unison. Ages 5-13 years.
The song is beautiful and flowing and I feel happy their voices will be heard.
Truike, teacher at Children of the Ganges School
The River


The River
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5 to 13 years
2-part or unison
Musical Range:
C4 toC5
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Use on World Literacy Day - 8 September
The River
Words and music by Glyn Lehmann

Verse 1
I could be a dancer
Strong and free
I could be a teacher
Teach children just like me

I could be a singer
Singing my song
Making people happy
When they sing along

All I need is a helping hand
And a chance to learn

Verse 2
I could be a doctor
Making you well
I could be a writer
What stories I would tell

I could be a builder
Make you a home
Somewhere for your family
To live and call your own

All I need is a helping hand
And a chance to learn

So be the sun
That melts the mountain snow
Feeds the river
Makes the water flow
I am that river
Heading to the sea
Toward my future
And who I will be

I am that river
Heading to the sea
Toward my future
And who I will be

With my heroes there to guide me
Encourage and inspire me
I’ll always keep on trying
And let my light keep shining

repeat Chorus

I am a dancer
I am a teacher
I am a singer

© 2016 Glyn Lehmann. All rights reserved
The Children of the Ganges School in Rishikesh, India currently offers free education to 40 students ages 5-16, six days a week.

The students are a mixture of street and underprivileged children, some of whom work during the day selling, for example, recycled bags, flowers and water bottles by the side of the Ganges. Others live in the neighbourhood/community (Swargashram).

“We believe that through education the children have a better chance to succeed in life/the future.”
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