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The Silent Call of Kati Thanda

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre in South Australia is usually a dry salt pan, but whenever the floodwaters arrive hundreds-of-thousands of birds come from all over Australia (and beyond) to feed and breed. No-one knows how the birds know that the lake has filled. This song imagines the lake sending out a call to the birds that only they can hear.

The mood of the song changes from the stark, clashing sounds of the hot, dry desert to free-flowing as the floodwaters begin to fill the lake.

2 part - for ages 8 and up

Here's a fantastic, short ABC podcast about Kati Thanda and Arabana Country where the lake is situated.


The Silent Call of Kati Thanda

Download includes:
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piano/vocal score
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ages 7 and up
modern choral
2 part choir
Musical Range:
B4 to C5
score - video preview
vocal recording - preview
Vocal performance by children from the South Australian Public Primary Schools' Music Festival.
The Silent Call of Kati Thanda
words and music by Glyn Lehmann

Ss…salt-crusted and baked under burning blue sky
I lay in wait barren and dry
Heat haze shimmering, bending the light
Just a mirage, no water in sight

Verse 1
Hundreds of miles away torrential rains
Begin their long journey through dry, dusty veins
Coursing towards their destiny's goal
To fill me with life, to make me whole

And so I send a silent call into the air
Kati Thanda
Can you hear my song?
Kati Thanda
Can you hear my call?
Kati Thanda
Can you hear my song?
Kati Thanda
Can you hear my call?
Kati Thanda
Come to me, I will provide
All you need to flourish and to thrive
Come to me
Come fill me now with life
Kati Thanda

Verse 2
And thousands upon thousands take to the sky
From far distant places over dry land they fly
Drawn by ancient instincts they answer the call
A mystery of nature, the wonder of it all


© 2019 Glyn Lehmann. All rights reserved
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