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Talk It Out

Let somebody help you lift that weight.
‘Talk it out’ is what it’s all about. Encouraging children to share their problems, worries and feelings.

A bright pop song in a reggae style that’s a great way to start a discussion about this issue, as well as just being a fun song to sing.
And it has whistling!

2-parts. For ages 7-13 years.
A song about sharing feelings.
It's been a great song for my choir - excellent part singing practice.
Carolyn Hernandez, Head of Performing Arts - Overton Community College, Australia


Talk It Out
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vocal recording - preview
Talk It Out
Words and music by Glyn Lehmann

Talk it out, let it out
Don’t get stuck on a roundabout
It’s never too late, don’t hesitate
Let somebody help you lift that weight

Verse 1
If something is making you feel small
Weighing you down, taking its toll
Feeling heavy like you could sink
Taking over every little thought you think

Verse 2
If something is making you feel sad
Like the worst day you’ve ever had
Can’t see an end in sight
All you wanna do is give up the fight

You’ve got to know there’s always someone
You can tell your troubles to
Cos we’ve all been there before
And thought there’s nothing we could do
And there’s one thing that we want to say right now
Yes there’s something that we need to say right now

Talk it out (talk it out)
Let it out (let it out)
(So you) don’t get stuck on a roundabout
It’s never too late, don’t hesitate
Let somebody help you lift that weight

Repeat: Chorus
Verse 2
Chorus (x2)
We can lift that weight, lift that weight (x4)

© 2015 Glyn Lehmann. All rights reserved.
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