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The Jazz Age

It's the Roaring 20s, when flappers danced The Charleston and Satchmo taught the world to 'scat'.

This song is part of the
Dance Crazy! song-cycle.
For 2-parts
The Jazz Age song


The Jazz Age
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jazz (Dixieland)
2-part choir
Musical Range:
C4 to E5
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1.The Jazz Age (lyrics)

When the band struck up that rhythm
Syncopation filled the room
You could see the flapper on the dance floor

Her short dress was oh so shocking
The Dixieland was hot and loud
That’s what they called the Roaring Twenties

When the Charleston was the rage*
From New York to Adelaide
The Floating Palais on the Torrens
In the Jazz Age

The wireless and the television
Loudspeakers and penicillin
All had their dawning
In the Jazz Age

Louis taught the world to scat
Doo-be-doo-bup, doo-bop, doo-bow!
Yeah man that’s where it’s at
Flip-flop, skidaly-bop, shoo-be-doo-wah!

When the Charleston was the rage*
From New York to Adelaide
The Floating Palais on the Torrens
In the Jazz Age

Then Wall Street had a crash
Fortunes vanished in a flash
The money all ran out
In the Jazz Age
But the dancing never stopped
In the Jazz Age……..yeah!

alternate lyric
When the Charleston was the rage
From New York to Saint-Tropez
Ev’rybody kicked their heals up
In the Jazz Age

© 2004 Glyn Lehmann. All rights reserved.
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