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One Drop Of Rain

…a daring musical for young performers

script and lyrics by Phil Cummings
music by Glyn Lehmann

Illustration © 2018 Amanda Graham

The Cooper family has endured a long hard drought on the farm but there is hope on the horizon. Storm clouds are gathering over the hills, darkening the sky. The smell of dusty rain is in the air, the family is excited; today is the day their world will change.

Jilly’s father looks to the sky. ‘There is no treasure more valuable,’ he tells his children, ‘than a drop of rain.’
So when a single drop falls, Jilly and her younger brother, Harry, vow to keep that treasure safe. They engage in a wild game of imagining and must use all their craftiness and cunning to keep it safe from marauding (but not very smart) pirates and greedy outlaws!

Will this precious jewel be safe - and will those clouds bring the rains that will save the farm? Take the musical journey to discover for yourself and see what happens to that precious …One Drop of Rain.

Drama, comedy, songs, rap and much more!
For performers aged 5-12 years.

Duration: approximately 30 minutes
One Drop Of Rain, set in a drought affected rural Australian landscape, highlights the value of Earth's most precious, life-giving resource - water. It celebrates, through the eyes of two resilient children, the importance of family, the inventive thrill of imaginative play, the rewards of perseverance, the value of courage and the joy of simply having fun!

Key aspects:
  • 18 speaking parts and chorus opportunities in which many children can participate.
  • A solo dancer and an optional dance troupe.
  • Staging suggestions for do-it-yourself stage design and props.
  • As well as the obvious benefits of being involved in a school production there are a number of themes that may be expanded upon in the classroom. We have provided suggestions in the accompanying materials.

We hope you enjoy teaching, learning and exploring our new musical.

Phil and Glyn
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Please purchase a licence based on the number of performances.
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Download Pack (pdf and mp3)
  • Script; includes song lyrics, teacher notes for extended learning, staging, costume and prop suggestions (pdf)
  • Piano/vocal score (pdf)
  • Learning tracks with vocals (mp3)
  • Performance (backing) tracks, sound effects and incidental music (mp3)
$65 AUD
Postage Pack (Book and CD)
  • Script; includes song lyrics, teacher notes for extended learning, staging, costume and prop suggestions
  • Piano/vocal score
  • CD including learning tracks with vocals, performance (backing) tracks, sound effects and incidental music.
$65 AUD plus postage
Copying Licence
  • permits the copying of all items purchased. For internal, single school use only.
$30 AUD
Performance Licence
  • required for all performances, apart from those to only staff and students.
  • one licence required per performance.
$30 AUD
per performance

our New Musical NOW!

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Phil Cummings is an award winning author of over seventy books for children.
His career has spanned thirty years and his work has been published in Australia, New Zealand, U.S, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, U.K. and throughout Europe.
His most recent titles include:
  • BOY illustrated by Shane Devries, Scholastic Press, winner of the 2017 Children’s Peace Award.
  • FEATHERS illustrated by Phil Lesnie, Scholastic Press. 2017
  • Wilbur, Grace and Joe illustrated by Amanda Graham, Little Book Press. 2017
  • ANZAC Biscuits illustrated by Owen Swan, Scholastic Press. CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) Notable Book 2014
  • Ride, Ricardo, Ride! Illustrated by Shane Devries, Omnibus Scholastic CBCA Honour Book 2016
  • Bridie’s Boots illustrated by Sara Acton, Working Title Press CBCA Notable Book 2015
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Glyn Lehmann's diverse career as a professional musician has involved performance, composition, songwriting, arranging and production.

Composing credits include the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (TV and radio), major theatre companies and children’s music festivals. His song I Am The Earth has over 2 million views on YouTube and has been performed worldwide.

In 2012 Glyn launched the SongLibrary ( - an online resource for teachers of songs for children’s choirs and the classroom.
Song samples
Morning Song (round)
Today Is The Day
Pirate Song
Hero Harry Rap
Outlaw Song
One Drop Of Rain
The Cooper family
• Jilly
• Harry (little brother)
• Mother
• Father
The Red Sea Dancers (optional)
Serpent Dancer
Band of Pirates
• Pirate Captain
• Pirate 1
• Pirate 2
• Pirate 3
• Pirate 4
• Pirate 5
• Peg Leg - a pirate with lots of pegs clipped to the right leg of trouser/pants.
• Roger Jolly
The Outlaws
• Outlaw 1
• Outlaw 2
• Outlaw 3
• Outlaw 4
• Outlaw 5
• Outlaw 6
The Red Creek Choir
Many children could be involved. The choir could be depicted as birds and animals that live around the creek.

The roles in this work are not necessarily gender specific. Names and gender for Jilly, Harry, Mother and Father can be altered to suit.

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