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The Refugee Carol

Christmas Eve, a long journey, a barn full of farm animals…

This new carol describes the plight of many refugees and focuses on a very personal story.

In 1956, when I was eight years old, there was a revolution in Hungary, the country which had always been home for generations of my family. There were battles in the streets. Many people died.
It became very dangerous for us, and my parents decided to escape into Austria.
We left Budapest late on Christmas Eve, my parents, my older sister and me. We made the first part of our journey hidden in the mail van of a train heading for the border.
Then, in the dark, we had to walk for hours across snow covered fields. There was a light in the distance to guide us, and it led us to a large barn where kind people welcomed us. There were hot drinks and simple food, and some chocolates for the children.
Then the farmer showed us where we could sleep – on the hay which he had spread to make a bed for us to lie on.
And he said, with a whimsical smile: Don't be nervous about the animals, they don't mind sharing.

This was the start of our new life as Refugees.
Nick Vall

Includes versions in unison and 2-parts. For ages 5-13 years.


The Refugee Carol
Download includes:
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Musical Range:
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vocal recording - preview
The Refugee Carol
Words and music by Nick Vall

Verse 1
First they faced the dangers of the wild and stormy seas
Then they walked, for days they walked
The tired refugees, oh tired refugees

Verse 2
As they crossed the frozen fields far off they saw a light
The farmer standing by his gate
So late on Christmas night, oh late on Christmas night

Verse 3
Welcome weary travellers, you’ve come a long, long way
The barn is free if you don’t mind
Sleeping on the hay, oh sleeping on the hay

If you don’t mind the ox won’t mind
The lambs won’t mind, if you don’t mind
The horse won’t mind, the hens won’t mind
The sheep won’t mind, if you don’t mind
Oh, sleeping on the hay
Oh, sleeping on the hay

If you don’t mind the goat won’t mind
The geese won’t mind, if you don’t mind
The cow won’t mind, the cat won’t mind
The mice won’t mind, if you don’t mind
Oh, sleeping on the hay
Oh, sleeping on the hay

Verse 4
Hush the moon is rising and the winter stars are bright
All the travellers fast asleep
Peaceful Christmas night, oh peaceful Christmas (night)*

Hush the moon is rising and the winter stars are bright (stars are bright)*
All the travellers fast asleep
Peaceful Christmas night, oh… peaceful Christmas night

* altos (2-part version only)

© 2017 Nick Vall. All rights reserved.

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