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Tell Me Your Story

A song about understanding others; especially those who seem different to us.
They may be from another culture or country. They may have a different religion, speak another language or eat different food. By listening to them, and also telling them about ourselves, we find things we have in common. We also learn to appreciate the differences.
It's a great song - thank you!! Perfect for an International school.
Wendy, music teacher - UK
Use on Harmony Day, Reconciliation Day, World Day for Cultural Diversity, Friendship Day.
Tell Me Your Story - song


Tell Me Your Story
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Harmony Day
Cultural Diversity
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Musical Range:
D4 to B4

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Tell Me Your Story
words and music by Glyn Lehmann

Verse 1
Tell me your story
The places you have been
I’ll tell you about me
The things that I’ve seen

Verse 2
Where do you come from
What is your history
Were you born here
Or somewhere across the sea?

We can learn about each other
Let’s make a start today
What do we have in common?
We might find we’re not so different anyway

Tell me your story
We all have a story to tell
I’ll tell you my story
Then I’ll be part of yours
And you’ll be part of mine
We’ll write a new story together

Verse 3
What is your language
What food do you eat
Do you like music
And moving to the beat

Verse 4
I like your name now
At first it sounded strange
Now that I know you
I wouldn’t want you to change

Repeat: Bridge and CHORUS then:

We’ll write a new story together

Tell me your story
The places you have been
I’ll tell you about me
The things that I’ve seen

© 2011 Glyn Lehmann
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