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Round and Round

Two rounds about things that go round - seasons and planets.
For 3 parts or voices.
  • round singing
  • part singing
  • the order of the seasons
  • the names of the planets
  • and their position from the sun.
All at once!
2 rounds to sing
We have been singing Planets Go Round – it is perfect! Very clever how you have the planets in order without rhyming but it sounds so right! The children like to do actions to it too... It is quite mesmerising and impressive to the listener!
Judith, music teacher - Wales


Round and Round
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2 vocal recordings
2 backing tracks
2 piano/vocal scores
teacher notes
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7 to 11
3-part choir
Musical Range:
C4 to C5
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vocal recording - preview
Seasons Go Round
Words & music by Glyn Lehmann

Summer, Autumn*, Winter, Spring
Round and round and round again

Seasons come and seasons go
Bring the sunshine, rain and snow

Tell the trees to change their leaves
When to sleep and when to grow


Planets Go Round
Words & music by Glyn Lehmann

Round and round the planets spin
Tied to the sun by invisible string

Gravity holds them in their place
Or they would fly off into outer space (space, space)

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

© 2014 Glyn Lehmann
All rights reserved.
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